2019 Summer Trimester

Military Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

Military Leave of Absence Policy

As an alternative to withdrawal for military duty or required training, a student in the military will be allowed to choose an extension on coursework and exams for the time the student is absent. To qualify for this provision, the student must complete a Short Term Leave of Absence (STLOA) Request form and provide documentation including military orders or a letter of activation from the student’s military unit indicating the specific dates of service. Documentation can be attached to the STLOA Request or sent separately to the Registrar via email (registrar1@nwhealth.edu) or faxed to 952-887-1386.  A student on Active Duty who encounters an extended mission of a sensitive nature is eligible for a military leave of absence (MLOA). In this situation, the student must provide an email and/or letter from his or her unit stating the student will be unavailable for a time-frame, but not the nature of the mission with the Short Term Leave of Absence Request Form. Finally, a military student who successfully completed a sufficient amount of course work before the military absence began may be issued a grade of incomplete or the grade that the student earned to that date. In order to select the most appropriate option in light of a student’s academic needs, the student must contact the Dean of their Program. Lack of notification may result in ineligibility to receive these provisions.

Military Withdrawals

A student called to active military duty, and as a result unable to complete the current trimester, will receive a grade of WM, Withdrawal for Military Duty, for all currently registered courses upon the school’s receipt of duty orders. A full tuition refund will be applied to the student’s account for all courses for which the student is actively enrolled at the time of military activation. The student will be eligible for any financial aid stipends received above the cost of tuition/fees/books for the current trimester of enrollment.

Use the following email link to request a Military Withdrawal:  registrar1@nwhealth.edu

An Official Withdrawal/Term-Off Request Form will be sent to the student's university email address upon receipt of the request.