2020 Summer Trimester

Short Term Leave of Absence

In the event of a significant health emergency involving the student or a family member, or a significant family event, requiring more than two days absence from a class or classes, a student may request a Short Term Leave of Absence (STLOA). A Short Term Leave of Absence is intended to provide relief until a long- term solution can be determined or the student resumes his or her academic course of study. 

If a Short Term Leave of Absence is approved, the student will not be penalized for missed class time. Upon return to the academic program, the student is responsible for working with instructors to complete missed assignments and course requirements.

Examples of a significant health emergency or family event include (but are not limited to):

  • Death or significant injury of a parent, grandparent, sibling, significant other or child
  • Significant accident injury or major illness that requires hospitalization
  • Health and or safety concerns (risk to self or others)
  • Childbirth

Short term leave of absence request process

  1. Review the Excused Absence Policy to determine if a Short Term Leave of Absence is required. A student experiencing a significant health or family emergency/event as described above or requesting excused absences longer than two days should proceed to step 2.
  2. Student submits an online Short Term Leave of Absence Request Form
    1. Turn in required documentation to the Registrar, if documentation was not included in online request form.
    2. Submitted form is reviewed by the Registrar.
      1. The Registrar may request additional documentation to support the STLOA request
      2. The STLOA request form and supporting documentation is forwarded to the Program Dean for final approval.
      3. The student is notified of the Program Dean's decision.
      4. If approved, the Office of the Registrar notifies all instructors included on the STLOA Request Form.
      5. Student makes arrangements with instructors to make up missed assignments and or course requirements.

If you have questions, contact the Registrar at registrar1@nwhealth.edu or by calling 952-888-4777, extension 440.