2018 Fall Trimester

Programs of Study

Northwestern offers two graduate programs leading to the Master of Acupuncture and Master of Chinese Medicine degrees. Northwestern also offers an Herbal Medicine Certificate for licensed acupuncture practitioners who want to expand their skills in Chinese herbal medicine.

The Master of Chinese Medicine program is a full- time program that provides more than 3,000 hours of didactic and clinical instruction in acupuncture, biomedical clinical sciences, Chinese herbology and related studies. The program may be completed in three calendar years (nine consecutive trimesters) and must be completed within eight years from the date of matriculation.

The Master of Acupuncture program is a full-time program that is similar to that of the Chinese Medicine program, but does not include herbal studies. This program includes more than 2,300 hours of instruction and may be completed in two and two-thirds calendar years (eight consecutive trimesters). The program must be completed within six years from the date of matriculation.

The Herbal Medicine Certificate program is a part- time program which provides licensed acupuncturists with almost 500 hours of instruction and 240 hours of clinic internship with which to develop the skills necessary for the safe and effective practice of Chinese herbal medicine. The certificate program is typically completed in two and one-third calendar years (seven consecutive trimesters) but may be extended due to individual circumstances.