2018 Fall Trimester

Program Learning Outcomes

Therapists who successfully complete either certificate program of study offered by the College will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively with clients and the general public.
  2. Effectively and accurately assess the structure and function of the human body in health and disease, the presenting condition of a client, and create and implement a therapeutic plan relevant to the client’s needs and preferences.
  3. Demonstrate ethical standards of practice by respecting professional boundaries, honoring confidentiality and valuing diversity.
  4. Direct clients, when appropriate, to a spectrum of other resources.
  5. Acquire, appraise, and apply current and relevant scientific information to practice in an evidence informed manner.
  6. Actively manage and maintain one’s own health and wellness, including the use of effective biomechanical practices.
  7. Demonstrate an appreciation to maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior by actively setting clear lifelong learning goals, pursue them, and apply the knowledge gained.

    In addition to the above objectives, students who successfully complete the Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) will be able to:

  8. Demonstrate the writing, critical thinking, reasoning and oral communication skills expected of a graduate of an associate-level degree program.