2018 Fall Trimester

Student Organizations

Joining a club or organization can enhance both your academic and personal development. By joining an existing club or starting a new one, you can grow and have fun with your fellow students and create a richer experience at Northwestern.

Groups of students who share a common interest, either social or professional, may organize and seek recognition as a student organization through the Office of Student Affairs. These approved organizations reflect a wide range of interests, including an array of professional, political, social and recreational groups. 

Student organizations provide an opportunity for students to participate and contribute to student leadership and governance. Through involvement in student organizations, the student body enjoys the benefits of those contributions that enhance the quality of student life and improve the educational program.

Special interest student organizations plan programs, guest speakers and events with their corresponding local and national professional organizations. They work to form mutually beneficial, reciprocal relationships between students, practitioners and the general public by becoming involved in community activities. They are an important voice of leadership on issues regarding professional practice and education.

There are also a number of extracurricular clubs that provide activities throughout the year including hockey, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and martial arts. In addition to these activities, student activity fees are used to maintain the University Fitness Center.  The Fitness Center is a facility that promotes physical and mental well-being for the campus community. The Fitness Center offers aerobic and cardio equipment, weight machines and free-weight equipment. In addition to the Fitness Center, students also have access to the gymnasium and swimming pool.  For more information about our fitness facilities and their hours, go to the Fitness Facilities website.

A complete list of clubs and organizations can be found on Northwestern's website.