2019 Winter Trimester

Clinical Experience

A diverse array of clinical opportunities is available for Northwestern chiropractic interns. Students participate in these clinical experiences starting in Trimester 6 and extending through graduation. These educational programs demonstrate the University’s commitment to clinical excellence and preparedness for professional success.

University Health Services

In Trimester 6, students complete a structured laboratory experience in which they refine their skills by interviewing, examining, diagnosing, preparing treatment plans, giving a Report of Findings and providing chiropractic care to early trimester students. During this initial phase, students review, practice and discuss all elements of the clinical process in laboratory, lecture and small group discussion settings. Trimester 7 through 9 student interns provide care to Northwestern students, employees and their families in University Health Services, which is located in the J. Lamoine De Rusha Learning Center.

Northwestern’s Clinics and Community Based Internship

In Trimesters 7 students intern under the supervision of a faculty clinician at the De Rusha Clinic. In Trimesters 8 through 10, students intern under the supervision of a faculty clinician at the University Health Services fee-for-service Clinics of the Community Based Internship (CBI) program. Northwestern’s internships provide students with rich clinical experiences, contact with diverse patient populations and opportunities to build business skills. In each setting, a small student-to-faculty ratio results in a close relationship between the clinical mentor and the intern.

The Northwestern Clinics are located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Northwestern Health Clinics are located on the University campus. The Northwestern Clinics feature a variety of patient services, including chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine.

The Community Based Internship program, a Northwestern innovation, is another opportunity available to students in Trimesters 7 through 9. Students who serve their internship in the CBI program are placed in the private practice of a doctor of chiropractic who participates with the University in clinical education. Approximately 125 doctors in the Metro area meet the rigorous internship standards to mentor chiropractic students from Northwestern during their internship experience.

Clinical Rotations

The promotion of integrated and collaborative natural and conventional medical care is a unique objective of Northwestern. As a complement to their primary clinical experience, students observe the clinical practices of chiropractors and other health care professionals such as neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, dentists, radiologists, massage therapists and Chinese medicine practitioners. Through participation in this program, students come to better understand the rationale for different approaches to care, are exposed to a wider range of patient conditions, understand the means for patient management through consultations and referrals, and have the opportunity to network with specialists. Additionally, Northwestern has established clinics at Concordia Academy in Saint Paul, Pillsbury House in South Minneapolis and downtown at the Salvation Army’s Minneapolis Harbor Light Center. Students, under faculty supervision, provide free care to diverse patients in these communities.

Preceptorship Program

In Trimester 10, students who have completed all the academic and clinical requirements of the University and the Council on Chiropractic Education have the option of completing their training with doctors of chiropractic practicing in most states and many foreign countries. These students may also complete their training in any of the University or CBI program clinics. This program provides an opportunity for final-term students to begin the transition to private practice.