2019 Winter Trimester

Curriculum Overview

Academically rigorous classroom, lab and clinical learning, built on the following four pillars:

  • Anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology and nutrition courses provide students with a thorough overview of the human body and how it works.
  • Hands-on clinical experience in the University’s public clinics and other community sites prepare the students for practice.
  • Assessment and treatment technique courses prepare students to tailor each massage session to meet the unique needs of their clients.
  • Communication, ethics, legal issues, practice management courses and personal learning strategies prepare students for professional practice.

Three Convenient Program Options

Students have the option of choosing either Certificate in Relaxation Massage, Certificate in Therapeutic Massage or the Associate of Applied Science Program (AAS). Graduates of the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage and Associate of Applied Science programs will be prepared for the National Certification Examination in Therapeutic Massage. We prepare you with the skills necessary to be successful in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, medical clinics, rehabilitation facilities, wellness centers, health clubs, spas and private practice.

Massage Therapy Certificate in Relaxation Massage Program

  • 23.5 trimester credits
  • 533.5 hours
  • Day and Evening scheduling options

Certificate in Therapeutic Massage Program

  • 44 trimester credits
  • 972.25 hours
  • Day and Evening scheduling options

Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy

The Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Massage Therapy is designed for students who wish to earn a degree in massage therapy. Some employers prefer or require the degree. The AAS program can be completed by adding the following requirements to the certificate program: 15 credits of general education courses, and 3 credits of electives.

  • 62 trimester credits
  • 1,242.25 hours
  • Day and Evening scheduling options


In addition to the core curriculum outlined on the following pages, students are required to complete a minimum of three credits of electives coursework for the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage program and six credits for the AAS program. This brings the total curriculum to 44 credits (972.25 hours) for the Certificate in Therapeutic Massage program and 62 credits (1,242.25 hours) for the AAS program.

Chinese Medical Massage