2019 Winter Trimester

Explore Northwestern Health Sciences University

For more than 75 years, Northwestern Health Sciences University has been building an international reputation for excellence in professional education, patient care, clinical research and community engagement. Our University is committed to providing students with individual attention from an outstanding faculty and staff; with a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum; and with hands-on clinical training designed to prepare students to become skilled, knowledgeable health care providers.

Many faculty members and instructors are active health care practitioners, blending real-world experiences with technique and skill in the classroom and lab.

As you explore Northwestern you’ll discover an exceptional educational experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence embodied in our students, faculty and staff.

Our Mission

Northwestern Health Sciences University prepares the next generation of health care professionals to deliver and advance health care.

Our Vision

We are a premier health sciences university creating a healthier world. Live, Learn, Serve Healthy!

Our Values

• Accountability • Collaboration • Excellence
• Innovation • Respect • Service

Our Promises

  • We cultivate caring and are by nature invested in the personal success and well-being of others.
  • We listen deeply and with open minds to fully appreciate other perspectives.
  • We look beyond symptoms to understand cause, then co-create solutions.
  • We embody integrity and innovation; blending mastery with forward thinking.
  • We practice intellectual humility and continuously engage in learning.
  • We bridge the worlds of seen and unseen, of knowledge and action, of past and future.
  • We foster physical, spiritual, and emotional health in ourselves and others.
  • We bring generosity of spirit to our work and take joy in what we do together.
  • We are united in purpose; earning one another’s trust and respectful of our differences

Northwestern's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The commitment of the Northwestern community to integrate diversity and inclusion values into all aspects of the University’s culture is comprehensive. It is demonstrated through curriculum development that addresses how we train health care providers for culturally competent health care delivery; university and program learning outcomes, which direct our awareness and sensitivity to the need for patient-centered health care practices; training, programs, and policies for professional development; the diversity scholarship program; student-run clubs, organizations, and publications; partnerships with schools, community service agencies, and organizations committed to diversity work; and an Office of Diversity & Inclusion to manage these initiatives and relationships.

The purpose of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at Northwestern is to create a richer understanding of humanity, education, and health care.

Our responsibility to Northwestern is to ensure that we have an inclusive, a diverse, and a safe environment for all members of the university community and communities we serve.

To fulfill the purpose and responsibility:

  • We treat everyone with genuine respect and dignity.
  • We foster cultural competency.
  • We challenge unconscious bias.
  • We cultivate local and global access to health care and education.
  • We champion equity in all that we do.

The Northwestern community acknowledges the dignity of all human beings and resolves to treat all people with respect and equality. We recognize and value the diversity of identities among us. Some of these identities include but are not limited to: culture, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, ideology, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, religion, spirituality, and family. We welcome everyone to our university.

General Information


The Office of Admissions

Northwestern Health Sciences University

2501 West 84th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55431

Telephone: (952/800) 888-4777, ext. 409

FAX: (952) 888-6713

Email: admit@nwhealth.edu

Website: http://www.nwhealth.edu

Publication date: October, 2015

Accreditation, Approvals and Legal Status

Northwestern Health Sciences University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association (NCA).

The NCA was founded in 1895 as a membership organization for educational institutions. The Association is one of six regional institutional accrediting associations in the United States. Through its Commissions, it accredits and grants membership to educational institutions in the 19-state North Central region. The Higher Learning Commission is recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Accreditation was extended to Northwestern in 1988, and was renewed in 1993, 2001 and 2010.

Higher Learning Commission

230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500

Chicago, IL 60604

Voice:(800) 621-7440; (312) 263-0456

Fax:(312) 263-7462

Web: http://www.ncahigherlearningcommission.org

The Doctor of Chiropractic program offered by the University is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE).

The Council on Chiropractic Education is recognized by the United States Secretary of Education as the official accrediting body for chiropractic education. Northwestern has been a member of CCE since the Commission’s inception in 1965. Accreditation was extended to Northwestern in 1971, and renewed in 1974, 1978, 1982, 1985, 1991, 2005, and 2013. The next program evaluation is designated for 2021.

Council on Chiropractic Education

Commission for Accreditation

8049 N. 85th Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85258-4321

Voice:(480) 443-8877

Fax:(480) 483-7333

E-mail: cce@cce-usa.org

Web: http://www.cce-usa.org

The Master of Acupuncture and Master of Chinese Medicine programs of Northwestern Health Sciences University are accredited under applicable Master’s Degree Standards, by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), the recognized accrediting agency for programs preparing acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioners.

ACAOM is located at:

8941 Aztec Drive

Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55347

phone 952/212-2434

fax 952/657-7068.

The Massage Therapy certificate program offered by the University is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA).

The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation is recognized by the United States Secretary of Education for the accreditation of institutions that award post-secondary certificates, post-secondary diplomas, and academic associate degrees in the practice of massage therapy and bodywork. Program accreditation was extended in 2005, 2010 and 2014.

Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation

5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 440

Washington D.C. 20015

Phone: (202) 895-1518

Web: http://www.comta.org

Northwestern Health Sciences University is registered with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. Registration is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 350

Saint Paul, MN 55108-5227

Voice: (651) 259-3976

Web: http://www.ohe.state.mn.us

The Minnesota State Approving Agency has approved Northwestern Health Sciences University for Veterans’ education benefits.

Northwestern Health Sciences University is a private, not-for-profit corporation under articles and bylaws registered with the State of Minnesota, Office of the Secretary of State. The University is qualified as a 501C (3) tax-exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Department of Treasury. 501C (3) status is reserved for organizations operating for educational, religious or charitable purposes.

Program Changes

Northwestern Health Sciences University reserves the right to change or discontinue academic programs at the University’s discretion.

Academic Calendar

The full academic calendar including information on tuition deadlines, board exams and dates of commencement, is available online at nwhealth.edu