2019 Winter Trimester

Information Technology

E-mail Policy

Northwestern students are assigned a NW Health e-mail account for the purpose of receiving official University correspondence. Students are responsible for all information, including attachments, transmitted to them via their e-mail account. E-mail accounts can be accessed at http://mail.nwhealth.edu.

The Information Technology Department provides support for NW Health e-mail users.

Personal Computer Requirement

Northwestern requires that all students have access to a computer for research, training, independent study and institutional services. Students satisfy the access requirement in a variety of ways, including the use of computers in the campus library, public libraries, various computer labs or their own personal computer.

Computer literacy is expected of all students. Computer tutoring is available from the Help Desk Training and Support Specialist. Tutoring is available on the following topics:

  • Internet basics;
  • Introduction to computers;
  • Moodle, a course management system;
  • Using Microsoft Word; and
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation.

Students are expected to use computers for various purposes, depending upon the academic program. For specific information about the expectations in your program, please consult the program office.

Qualifying students may purchase a personal computer through Title IV financial aid. Students selecting this option should consult with a representative in the Financial Aid Office. Students may only exercise this option once during their educational program at Northwestern Health Sciences University.