University Student Handbook


All students should use parking areas on the University main campus property and refrain from parking on any residential streets in the surrounding neighborhood. Students will be issued a parking sticker from the Student Records and Financial Services office that must be displayed on their car. Vehicles in general parking areas without stickers are issued a ticket and the vehicle is subject to locking or towing at the owners expense. If you wish to leave your vehicle parked on campus overnight or on a weekend, you must notify and get permission from Facilities Management.

Students are expected to observe the parking signs and yellow curbs which reserve areas such as fire lanes, loading zones, visitor parking, handicapped parking, faculty parking, or clinic patient parking. Anyone parking in these areas without authorization will be issued a ticket and the vehicle is subject to be towed at the owner’s expense. Students requiring handicapped parking must obtain and display the appropriate permit from the State of Minnesota. Those students with short term special parking needs due to illness or injury may request special parking permits from the Office of Student Affairs office.