2020 Winter Trimester

Request to Officially Withdraw or Take a Term-off

To officially withdraw or take a term-off from the university contact the Registrar’s Office to request an Official Withdrawal/Term Off form. 

The Registrar’s Office will process the withdrawal upon receipt of the completed form.  The “Date of Initial Notification” indicated on the Official Notice of Withdrawal/Term Off Form is used to determine the amount of tuition and fees refunded according to the chart found on the Institutional Refund Policy page.

Please note:  Requesting a withdrawal from the University may impact your student account, financial aid, and academic standing.  To ensure that you are making an informed decision about this action, it is strongly advised that you meet with the appropriate office.  At a minimum, meeting with an Academic Advisor is highly recommended. Financial Aid recipients should also plan to meet with a representative from the financial aid office.