2020 Winter Trimester

University Learning Outcomes

The Institution-wide learning goals define the common ground that unites the programs within the University. They are purposefully broad so that the various colleges and schools can continue to develop their unique identities through varying ways in which the goals are met.

1.    Communication

Graduates will demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills in a wide variety of contexts, including collaborative activities.

2.    Critical Thinking

Graduates of Northwestern will acquire the skills to effectively apply evidence based knowledge for personal growth and continuing professional development. 

3.    Health and Wellness

Graduates of Northwestern will recognize the factors that influence health and well-being in both personal and professional situations.

4.    Ethics

Graduates of Northwestern will demonstrate integrity by using ethical and professional behavior in all endeavors.

5.    Civic Engagement

Graduates of Northwestern will promote the quality of life in the larger community through advocacy and community outreach with respect for diverse perspectives and people.