Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinical Student Handbook

Appendix A: Clinic Attendance Policy

Effective Date: 1/1/19

The purpose of this policy is to define attendance requirements for clinic

The scope of this policy applies to all ACM clinical students

Attendance will now be part of the scoring for overall assessment. Missed clinic shifts result in uneven clinical education, inadequate patient care, and reflects on the relationships with University clinic partners. While the University understands that certain situations are unavoidable, ultimately whatever the reason, a missed clinic shift is a missed clinic shift. For that reason, any missed clinic shift is considered an absence unless a STLOA has been approved.

If a student misses a clinic shift, even if it is a makeup shift, and does not notify University personnel, the student will automatically get a rubric score of 2 or less in section I. Professional Interactive Skills.

Students more than 30 minutes late for a clinic shift on more than one occasion will also be assessed a rubric score reduction. Students habitually not on time for clinic (15 minutes early and their clinic rooms set up) may also have reduced Attendance scores and may be referred to the Clinic Education Chair for remediation.

Supervisors will record student scores as follows:
0 Absences – rubric score 5
1 Absence (2 x late) – rubric score 4
2 Absences (3 x late) – rubric score 3
3 Absences (4 x late) – rubric score 2
4 Absences (5 x late) – rubric score 1
5 or more Absences – automatic fail of the clinic shift

This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed by the ACM Clinical Affairs Committee (CAC) no less than once per year.