Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinical Student Handbook

Clinic Assignments and Scheduling

Assignment of Clinic Shifts

The ACM program establishes internship, locations and schedules before each term. In the first trimester of Supervised Clinical Internship (T5) interns may be paired. Paired interns will be responsible for the care of each individual patient assigned, but divide primary responsibility for treatment equally. Both interns participate in discussion with the supervisor regarding diagnosis and treatment. When interns treat a patient as a pair they will each receive credit for treating the patient.

As the needs of the ACM program change, the process of assigning and scheduling interns may also change. At each trimester, students will be informed in detail of the current plans for scheduling assignments.

In order to ensure a successful clinical and academic experience for ACM students, interns will be limited to 3 clinical shifts per term. If a student intern wishes to increase their clinical load, they will require written approval from the Chair of Clinical Education.

Multi-tiered selection process:

Some clinical experiences require additional criteria for selection; these may include but are not limited to: Faculty recommendation, GPA benchmarks, application and interview process. The Clinic Education Department will identify each term which clinical opportunities have additional requirements. An application packet will be created for these clinical sites and provided to eligible students.

Scheduling During Term Breaks:

Students may work shifts during term breaks only if they need to make up hours. Clinic schedules for term breaks will be posted at the ACM office during the last 3 weeks of the trimester and students may sign up on a first come/first serve basis with the ACM Clinic Coordinator.