Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinical Student Handbook

Clinical Competencies

Clinic interns will be assessed for mastery of the following clinical competencies:

  1. TCM Information Gathering
  2. Western Information Gathering, including basic tests as appropriate
  3. Pulse and Tongue Examination
  4. TCM Differential Diagnosis
  5. Acupuncture Treatment Planning
  6. Technical Skill in Acupuncture Treatment Delivery
  7. Professional Interactive Skills
  8. Record Keeping
  9. Ethics and Jurisprudence
  10. Risk Management & Medical Asepsis
  11. Attendance
  12. Dress Code
  13. (CM Only) CM Treatment Planning
  14. (CM Only) Technical Skill in Handling Herbs

These fourteen clinical criteria are the foundations of the clinical assessment process. In addition, students will be assessed on their level of active participate during clinic shifts and their attendance record. Descriptions of assessment criteria and grading rubric for clinical competencies will be provided to interns each term.

The ACM clinical Education Department is constantly updating assessments to assist students in achieving optimal clinical performance.