Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinical Student Handbook

Clinical Philosophy and Patient Centered Care

As leaders in Chinese and Herbal Medical education in the United States, NWHSU is continually anticipating and responding to emerging needs of students, clinical sites, and patients. Students learn that by constantly assessing and then evolving our clinical education models and philosophy of care, we not only meet our patient’s needs, but assist them along their journey to wellness.

We participate in this medicine as clinicians, scientists, and also as artists. There is an “art” to delivering clinical education for patient-centered health care that goes beyond books, lectures, or memorization. In the practice of Chinese and Herbal Medicine, we deliver care through touch and interactions, informed by a lineage of traditions based on thousands of years of observation and applied research. We approach wellness as clinicians who are immersed in the science of medicine that respects research while recognizing the great variety of research possibilities, with immense responsibility of bridging ancient traditions and modern technology.

At NWHSU we do this exceptionally well, with a large number of external clinic sites that have invited us to participate in their progress towards improving health of clients from a wide demographic and in many different settings.

Our approach is to embody the call of healing practiced for millennium with needles, herbs, adjunctive therapies, massage, tai qi and qi gong, while also studying the newer approaches brought to us by western medicine. Both are valuable assets, and in our experience one is not greater than the other. Our practice seeks to find balance within each and offer an exceptional education and clinical experience to students and patients alike.

The practice of Chinese Medicine requires both practitioners and patients to take greater responsibility for health and well-being. At NWHSU we strive to prepare graduates for the opportunities to educate and inspire others to take that responsibility seriously, and gain control of their health.

Patients entering into our clinical system can expect to receive high quality care that honors and recognizes their role in their healing process. The clinical opportunities and training that ACM interns receive will prepare them to be successful and compassionate providers with the skills and training to grow the profession and set new standards for clinical care.

NWHSU Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Oath of Practice

I pledge to follow the Way of the Great Healer. 

I will honor life and learn from it.

I will place my patient’s safety and well-being above all else. 

And I will be faithful to the trust they have placed in me.

I will treat my patients with dignity and preserve their privacy. 

I will give gladly of my skills and receive thanks humbly.

For I am a servant, not a Master, and an everlasting student. 

Today is another beginning, another small step,

As I dedicate myself to life, to health and to healing.