Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinical Student Handbook

Clinical Reporting Structure

The NWHSU-ACM clinical system is overseen by the Chair of Clinical Education in collaboration with the ACM Program Director and Academic Dean of the College of Health and Wellness. Together with the Clinical Coordinator and site supervisors the multiple clinical sites are facilitated and coordinated. Many people are responsible for the management of NWHSU’s clinical system and for ensuring quality patient care and an exceptional clinical education experience for students.

As a student intern, there may be situations that you feel require the assistance of the supervisor or an administrator. Please consider the following information when determining to whom to report concerns / issues to:

Clinical Supervisors:

The clinic supervisor is your (the student’s) direct report. Should you have a concern regarding a patient, a fellow intern, or the clinical staff, please report your concern to your clinical supervisor directly.

Clinic Manager:

Separate clinic managers oversee day to day operations of the clinics and support staff in the University Health Sciences’ DeRusha Clinic (DRC), the Human Performance Center (HPC), and Northwestern Health Clinic–Bloomington (NHC-B). If you have a concern regarding the staff or clinic operations such as: patient scheduling, availability of supplies, or room allocation, you may bring these to your clinical supervisor or the clinic manager.

Dispensary Manager:

The dispensary manager oversees the operations of the Herbal Dispensary. If you have a concern regarding the dispensary or dispensary staff, please address this with your clinical supervisor or the dispensary manager.

ACM Clinical Education Chair:

The Chair of Clinical Education oversees student clinical education and overall integration with various service lines of the ACM clinical program. The Clinical Education office and the ACM Clinical Education Chair are also responsible for the clinical faculty in the ACM program. In the event you have a concern regarding your clinical supervisor that cannot be addressed with them personally, please contact the Chair of Clinical Education or the ACM Program Director.