Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinical Student Handbook

Ethics and Standards of Conduct

As future healthcare providers you have an intrinsic responsibility to your patients. While in the NWHSU ACM clinical system students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that represents the highest ethical standards and in a manner that never compromises your patient’s wellbeing, safety or privacy.

Many NWHSU clinical and professional standards and obligations are informed by our governing professional bodies, by legal decree and by university policy.

Clinical observers and interns are expected to be informed and uphold all legal and ethical requirements. For reference please familiarize yourself with the following resources:

Scope of practice of Licensed Acupuncturists in Minnesota: 

State Statute 147B

University Standards of Student Conduct:

2015 NWHSU Student Handbook

Ethical Standards for Licensed Acupuncturists:

NACM Practitioner Code of Ethics

Photography / Videotaping:

Any photography or videotaping in any NWHSU on-site or off-site clinic venue must first be approved in writing by the Clinical Education Department, the Compliance Officer of NWHSU and by any patient who may be involved in photography or filming. This includes photographing of a patient’s tongue or medical condition even if the patient’s face or other identifying feature is not involved.