College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

10.0 Administrative Responsibilities Relative to Patient Care

10.1 Fee Explanation

During admittance, patients typically check an option regarding payment for services on the financial form. At no time should the intern negotiate a fee structure or payment arrangement with the patient. An intern must not recruit or solicit patients to the clinic under the false impression that payment for services is not expected, except in UHS/DeRusha Clinic where chiropractic care is a benefit for NWHSU students and employees.

10.2 Insurance Reporting and Professional Correspondence

Interns serving in the public clinics are expected to assist clinic faculty and staff in the preparation of insurance claim forms and other types of correspondence regarding thirdparty payment and reports to other health care providers and attorneys.

Any form or letter of correspondence must be signed by the faculty clinician, not the intern.

10.3 Clinic Fee Slips

Following each patient visit, a fee slip indicating the services performed must be completed. The accurate completion of this form is essential to facilitate billing and the calculation of clinic services. Interns should consult with their faculty clinician regarding proper completion of these forms.