College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

11.2 Assessment of Meta Competency Outcomes (AMCO)

At midterm and the end of the term, the faculty clinician will complete an “Assessment of Meta Competency Outcomes” (AMCO) evaluation in Examsoft. The faculty clinician will meet with the intern to review and discuss the intern’s observed strengths and weaknesses. Specific learning objectives for the coming term will be identified.

11.2.1 Referral to Clinical Education Remediation Panel (CERP)

Interns who are given a score of 1 by the faculty clinician on their AMCO will be referred to CERP. The Remediation Coordinator (RC) will gather and review all pertinent documentation, speak with the intern and their faculty clinician, and determine if the case should go to full committee. If so, the Panel will develop a Remediation Plan for the intern. Whenever possible, the intern will remain in their assigned clinic; however, if necessary, the intern will be transferred to another clinic site which will enhance their learning opportunity. A faculty clinician may fill out an AMCO on their intern at any point during an internship and contact the RC. An intern’s lack of cooperation or compliance with the plan laid out by the CERP could result in termination of the internship and a referral to the Academic Standards committee.