College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

15.2 Early Graduation

15.2.1 Procedure and Procedure


Students may request an early program completion date that allows the completion of the DC degree program prior to the end of the published academic calendar. A request will be considered only in situations where having to wait for the formally scheduled program completion date would:

1.         prevent a specific, bona-fide employment/practice opportunity; or,

2.         cause a significant delay of several months in licensure eligibility (in situations where there are no options for participation in a postgraduate preceptorship).

Changing program completion dates is a complex process for the University. Under no circumstances will requests be granted that would shorten the term to less than ten full weeks in duration.


1.         Requests for early program completion must be submitted via email to Jill Michaelis, the Clinical Education Coordinator of the College of Chiropractic Dept. of Clinical Education, no later than the first Friday of the 10th term.  In this letter, the student must detail the rationale for the early program completion request, including relevant dates and deadlines.

2.         In addition to the written email request for early program completion, the student submits the following to the CoC Dept. of Clinical Education no later than the first Friday of the 10th term:

i)          a letter from the student’s supervising preceptor indicating that the preceptor understands and agrees to the following:

•           the student has requested early program completion;

•           the student’s 10th trimester will be shorter than originally committed;

•           the maximum available Time Away from Clinic hours is 20 hours;

•           the student’s final day of the term with the preceptor will be one day prior to the program completion date.

ii)         verification of passing scores on Part 1-4 National Boards {e.g. the student letter(s) received from NBCE, a screen print including the student’s name from the NBCE website, or an official NBCE transcript}.

iii)        verification of an employment or practice opportunity or the significant delay in licensure eligibility:

•           in policy situation #1, where a job offer is contingent upon the earlier program completion date, the following must be submitted:

  •  the employment, associate, or independent contractor agreement
  •  the doctor or organization offering the position must submit a letter verifying the validity of the job offer, and that the offer is contingent on the new graduate’s eligibility for licensure by a specific date.

•           in policy situation #1, where the early program completion is required to facilitate the opening of a new practice, the student must submit specific documentation verifying the timing of the planned opening of the practice (i.e. a copy of the business plan and the lease or purchase agreement).

•           in policy situation #2, where the program completion date would result in a significant licensure delay due to an infrequent licensure process, the student must submit documentation of the delay in licensure, (i.e. licensure test dates resulting in > 4 months of non-licensure in a jurisdiction that does not have a postgraduate program).

3.         The Clinical Education Coordinator will circulate the request to the appropriate parties, and written notification of the decision will be provided.

If the request is approved, the student is responsible for ensuring that:

1.         all requirements for the T10 Preceptorship can, and will be completed by the requested date, including the attainment of a minimum of at least 300 documented clinical hours (When approved for an early program completion date, Time Away from Clinic hours are abbreviated to 20 hours.);

2.         arrangements will be made with all departments of the University to be cleared for program completion prior to the revised program completion date. A final transcript and diploma will not be released until all of these requirements are satisfactorily completed.

A student granted an early program completion date must be aware that his/her Preceptorship is done one day prior to the program completion date, and they may no longer deliver clinical care until licensed (or formally enrolled in a postgraduate preceptorship program).

Please note that financial aid during T10 will be amended to reflect the shortened term. Contact Financial Aid if you have questions.

If you have questions about this policy, contact Jill in Clinical Education.