College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

15.6 T10 Requirements

Below are listed requirements for the 10th trimester:

  1. A Learning agreement and signed contract by both the extern and qualified preceptor must be submitted to Clinical Education by the specified deadline (varies each term).
  2. In order to pass Clinical Internship 5 and graduate, students must complete, at least, 300 clinic hours. This overrides the 2 options below.

    During the first week of T10, students need to complete the full 25 minimum clinic hours during that week.

    During the last week of the term, students do not need to complete the full 25 hours minimum, but must be in clinic at least 6 – 10 hours during that week.

  3. Complete a minimum of 25 hours per week, and maximum of 40 hours per week, with a total minimum of 300 clinic hours for the term. Although, if you meet the 300 clinic hours before the end of the term, you may not end the term early. You must remain in clinic through the last day of the term.
  4. Thirty (30) of these 300 hours may be used as TAC, which must be arranged with your Preceptor. Externs must be at their clinic site for the entire term, except when using TAC hours.
  5. Create and submit T10 Assignments via Moodle/Survey Monkey. Instructions for the assignments are online in Moodle Clinical Internship 5.
  6. Complete Time Log on a daily basis in eMedley. Faculty clinician must approve at the end of each month – clinic hours are required for T10.
  7. Faculty clinician must complete and approve a Midterm and Final evaluation. These web links will be sent to your faculty clinician and they will submit evaluations in Survey Monkey.
  8. A Preceptorship Experience Evaluation must be completed by the intern and submitted in Survey Monkey by the end of the term.