College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

15.7 T10 Externs Contracted with Family Members

Clinical Internship 5 externs may contract with family members.


Doing a Preceptorship with a family member has its challenges:

  • With a family member evaluating an extern, the validity of the evaluations and feedback could be in question. There is a greater likelihood of the evaluations and feedback being less objective.
  • With family members, it often is difficult to maintain the role of clinician and extern. Faculty clinicians who are family often revert to their family role instead of being a clinical mentor. The parallel dynamic often happens with the extern.
  • Externs completing an externship with a family member are often related to as an employee instead of a soon-to-be doctor. This changes the dynamics and learning outcomes of the Preceptorship.
  • Externs intending to practice with family members, and do a Preceptorship with them, are limiting their variety of internship experiences.