College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

15.8 Non-compete Clauses – Clinical Internship 5

Externs participating in the T10 Preceptorship program may be asked by their preceptor to sign a non-compete clause. The following information is specific to this situation:

  • It is acceptable for doctors supervising 10th trimester externs to ask them to sign a non-compete statement. A non-compete statement ought to be reasonable with respect to distance and duration and take into consideration the chiropractic and community demographics of the local area.
  • Externs have the option of negotiating the terms of the non-compete statement.
  • Externs have the option of not signing the non-compete statement.
  • The faculty clinician has the option to not accept an extern who will not sign a non-compete statement.

Clinical Education has the following expectations about non-compete statements:

  • Doctors who want externs to sign a non-compete statement will present the statement to the extern prior to negotiating the T10 Learning Agreement & Contract, and therefore, also before the extern starts the T10 externship;
  • Neither the faculty clinician, nor the extern, will require renegotiation of the non-compete statement after the T10 contract is signed or after the externship commences;
  • If either party requests a renegotiation of the non-compete statement after the T10 contract has been signed, neither party will make continuing the externship placement contingent on renegotiating the non-compete statement.