College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

16.0 Documentation Directory

Quantitative Requirements

(must be completed before you can participate in the Preceptorship Program)

Adjustments 250 (ratio of 80% spinal/< 20% extremity)
Assessed adjustments 75
Case Managements 40
X-Ray Techs 20
X-Ray Reports 22
Clinic Hours T7 78 6-8 minimum each wk (no carry-over)
Clinic Hours T8 (primary site & rotations) 300 18/21 minimum each wk (no carry-over)
Clinic Hours T9 (primary site & rotations) 300 21/25 minimum each wk (no carry-over)

Certifications on Record

CPR/BLS Current copy of certificate on file each term
HIPAA Training Online training certification
EHR Training Attend training in University Clinic

Submitting documentation:

All forms must be submitted in eMedley.

The Faculty Clinician must approve each form and the Department of Clinical Education will do a final review before credit will be given.

Any questions contact: Julie Erickson at 952-886-7584 or email

Time Log Approved by Faculty Clinician
Monthly Adjustment Record (MAR) Assessments completed and Adjustments Approved by Faculty Clinician
Case Management Forms Approved by Faculty Clinician
X-ray Report Form Complete X-ray forms for X-ray tech and report credit and Approved by Faculty Clinician

Additional paperwork that needs to be completed and returned during the term.

Clinical Orientation Assignment This form is completed within the first two weeks of the term. You and your faculty clinician will meet to complete the form.
X-ray Tech Orientation Form This form is completed if you are in a CBI clinic. The faculty clinician/X-ray
Midterm Evaluation This is completed during your midterm meeting between you and the faculty clinician. This form needs to be submitted by the due date listed on the form.
Self-Assessment This form is to be completed in Examsoft. There will be a set open and close date for the evaluation. Interns must meet the deadline.
Clinical Internship Experience Evaluation This form is to be completed in a Survey Monkey web link in Moodle at the end of the term.

Points to remember

T7 - T9: Clinic placement assignments are made through a placement process.
T10: You are responsible for locating your own preceptorship, using the Dept of Clinical Education and eMedley as a resource.

Tech Credit shall be issued as follows and will not be given for x-ray work outside of the following definitions.


LCN and APLC with or without APOM = 1 tech

LCE, LCF; and RAO, LAO or RPO, LPO = 1 tech for either/both

Davis series = 2 techs

Swimmer's view = 1 tech


APT and LT = 1 tech

Ribs = 1 tech

PA and lateral chest = 1 tech

Lordotic chest = 1 tech


APLP and LLS = 1 tech

LLE, LLF; RAO, LAO or RPO, LPO; and R & L lateral bending views = 1 tech for each

Frontal angulated LS spot or lateral LS spot = 1 tech

Spinal survey

APFS (with closed mouth positioning) and 3 sectional lateral views with or without APOM = 2 techs.

A separate APOM view completes the full spine study.

AP & LAT FS = 1 tech. Only if taken as an intern fulfilling his or her clinic assignment at a credentialed CBI clinic at which the AP & LAT FS films are the designated policy and procedure.

The CBI doctor is responsible for clinical decision making and quality assurance.

AP and lateral sacrum or AP and lateral Coccyx = 1 tech


AP abdomen = 1 tech

Upper extremity

Internal/external rotation and baby arm shoulder = 1 tech

R & L AP weighted and non-weighted AC joint = 1 tech

AP and lateral elbow with or without oblique and Jones (tangential) = 1 tech

PA and lateral wrist with or without oblique and PA with ulnar deviation = 1 tech

PA and oblique hand = 1 tech

PA and lateral fingers or thumb with or without oblique = 1 tech

Lower extremity

AP pelvis with or without one hip film = 1 tech

AP and frogleg hip = 1 tech

AP and lateral knee with or without tunnel and sunrise (tangential) views = 1 tech

AP and lateral ankle with or without oblique = 1 tech Inversion/eversion (stress views) ankle = 1 tech

AP and oblique (and optional lateral) foot or toes = 1 tech

A maximum of 1/2 the assigned tech credit is available for one additional intern who assists the 1° intern receiving full tech credit. An intern may not receive tech credit and assist credit for taking and developing the same films.

Report credit shall be issued in the same manner as x-ray techs (i.e. if a report is completed on a Davis series, it is worth 2 report credits).