College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

2.0 Clinic Structure

2.1 Administration

The outpatient clinical experience over the last 4 terms is cooperatively managed through Clinical Education and Clinical Services.

Clinical Education is responsible for the academic components of the internships, including the tracking and verification of quantitative requirements for graduation. Responsibilities include:

  1. Clinical competency remediation;
  2. Development of clinical curricula and syllabi;
  3. Placement of all T6 through T9 interns in the clinic system;
  4. The tracking of Basic Life Support (BLS) and  HIPAA certifications and expirations;
  5. The tracking of Background Check or Licensing Acknowledgement and Release form.
  6. The tracking of all quantitative clinical requirements necessary to graduate;
  7. Administration of the T10 Preceptorship Program;
  8. The overall management of the Community Based Internship Program;
  9. Management of the Rotations Program;
  10. Coordination of the Post-graduate Preceptorship Program;

Please use the following chart in contacting the appropriate person to meet your needs.

Roles and Lines of Communication


DeRusha and Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Dr. Stacy Boone-Vikingson
Clinical Lead

Clinical Education

Jill Michaelis

Clinical Education Coordinator

CBI/Preceptor Credentialing

T10 Experience



Background Checks

Chiropractic in Underserved Communities

Julie Erickson

Sr. Program Coordinator

eMedley Clinical Requirements

Time Logs, Monthly Paperwork & Certifications

Clinical Internship 1 - Clinical Internship 5 courses

HIPAA Training


Assessment & Evaluations

Checkout: T5 to T6; T6 to T7; T7 to T8; T8 to T9; T9 to T10

Authorization for Graduation


Clinic Services manages the DeRusha Learning Center and the Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington. Chiropractic interns participate in all of these clinics. The Clinics Administrator works with the Clinic Management Team to address all issues related to the management and development of the college clinics. Clinic Services interacts closely with Clinical Education to ensure that the interns are well supported in their clinical and professional development.

2.2 Clinic Locations

Chiropractic interns participate in patient care at the following locations:

Northwestern Health Clinic - Bloomington - NHCB

2501 West 84th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431
(952) 885-5444
Mon – Fri
7:00 – 7:00

Summer hours may vary at either of the above clinics.

DeRusha Learning Clinic - DLC/UHS

2501 West 84th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431
(952) 885-5415
Mon - Fri
7:00 – 5:00

(Locations and hours are subject to change at the sole discretion of the College.)

In addition, approximately 125 select private practices in Minnesota participate in the Community Based Internship (CBI) Program, and over 600 private practice sites in the Preceptorship Program (T10).

2.3 Clinic Faculty and Staff

The Northwestern public clinics are staffed by faculty from the College of Chiropractic and the College of Health and Wellness. In most instances, recommendations involving overall clinic policy matters are developed by the Vice President of Network Development and Clinic Administration and approved by the University President.

Interns may be clinically involved with other members of the college clinic faculty. These faculty clinicians are responsible for the clinical management of patients from admittance through discharge. Upon entering the college public clinics, a patient is assigned to a faculty clinician who is responsible for the clinical care of that patient.

In each college-owned clinic, residents in roentgenology, orthopedics, or clinical chiropractic may be present. These residents are licensed doctors of chiropractic who also assist with intern instruction and patient care.

Private practice doctors in the CBI program are considered Associate Clinic Faculty, responsible for the teaching and supervision of interns assigned to their clinics. While these practices operate in a fashion that is consistent with the “Guiding Principles” of Northwestern, there will be variability in specific policy and procedure. Interns participating in the CBI program are responsible for adhering to the policies set forth in this handbook, as well as those of the private practice to which they are assigned.

2.4 Clinic Fee Structure and Payment Policies

DeRusha Clinic

The DLC/UHS is a faculty-based clinic with T7 – T10’s interning directly with the faculty to provide chiropractic care to all chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy students and employees, and dependents, parents, and siblings of students and employees from these three colleges. Chiropractic care is provided at no cost to these patients (this does not include supplements, herbal products or laboratory work, except for dependents and family members, which is $5.00 per visit).

Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington

Normally, clinic patients make arrangements for payment of services with a clinic receptionist during admittance. At this time, the patient should indicate the method of payment (insurance, cash, credit card, worker's compensation, etc.). Addressing the financial aspects immediately helps to alleviate future misunderstandings. Interns may not make financial arrangements with patients and should not lead patients to believe that payment for services is not expected. The intern should become aware of the entire fee structure and have the ability to explain it properly to the patient, if necessary. However, explanation of fees may always be referred to a staff member.

Fees are subject to change and are established solely at the discretion of the College. No faculty, staff, or intern is authorized to alter or deviate from them without permission of the Chief Operating Officer. Cash patients or those with a co-pay or deductible are encouraged to pay for services as rendered after each visit.