College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

2.1 Administration

The outpatient clinical experience over the last 4 terms is cooperatively managed through Clinical Education and Clinical Services.

Clinical Education is responsible for the academic components of the internships, including the tracking and verification of quantitative requirements for graduation. Responsibilities include:

  1. Clinical competency remediation;
  2. Development of clinical curricula and syllabi;
  3. Placement of all T6 through T9 interns in the clinic system;
  4. The tracking of Basic Life Support (BLS) and  HIPAA certifications and expirations;
  5. The tracking of Background Check or Licensing Acknowledgement and Release form.
  6. The tracking of all quantitative clinical requirements necessary to graduate;
  7. Administration of the T10 Preceptorship Program;
  8. The overall management of the Community Based Internship Program;
  9. Management of the Rotations Program;
  10. Coordination of the Post-graduate Preceptorship Program;

Please use the following chart in contacting the appropriate person to meet your needs.

Roles and Lines of Communication


DeRusha and Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington
Dr. Stacy Boone-Vikingson
Clinical Lead

Clinical Education

Jill Michaelis

Clinical Education Coordinator

CBI/Preceptor Credentialing

T10 Experience



Background Checks

Chiropractic in Underserved Communities

Julie Erickson

Sr. Program Coordinator

eMedley Clinical Requirements

Time Logs, Monthly Paperwork & Certifications

Clinical Internship 1 - Clinical Internship 5 courses

HIPAA Training


Assessment & Evaluations

Checkout: T5 to T6; T6 to T7; T7 to T8; T8 to T9; T9 to T10

Authorization for Graduation


Clinic Services manages the DeRusha Learning Center and the Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington. Chiropractic interns participate in all of these clinics. The Clinics Administrator works with the Clinic Management Team to address all issues related to the management and development of the college clinics. Clinic Services interacts closely with Clinical Education to ensure that the interns are well supported in their clinical and professional development.