College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

2.4 Clinic Fee Structure and Payment Policies

DeRusha Clinic

The DLC/UHS is a faculty-based clinic with T7 – T10’s interning directly with the faculty to provide chiropractic care to all chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy students and employees, and dependents, parents, and siblings of students and employees from these three colleges. Chiropractic care is provided at no cost to these patients (this does not include supplements, herbal products or laboratory work, except for dependents and family members, which is $5.00 per visit).

Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington

Normally, clinic patients make arrangements for payment of services with a clinic receptionist during admittance. At this time, the patient should indicate the method of payment (insurance, cash, credit card, worker's compensation, etc.). Addressing the financial aspects immediately helps to alleviate future misunderstandings. Interns may not make financial arrangements with patients and should not lead patients to believe that payment for services is not expected. The intern should become aware of the entire fee structure and have the ability to explain it properly to the patient, if necessary. However, explanation of fees may always be referred to a staff member.

Fees are subject to change and are established solely at the discretion of the College. No faculty, staff, or intern is authorized to alter or deviate from them without permission of the Chief Operating Officer. Cash patients or those with a co-pay or deductible are encouraged to pay for services as rendered after each visit.