College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

3.0 Clinic Assignment Procedures

Intern assignments are made to one of these three clinic environments: Northwestern Health Clinic Bloomington, DeRusha Clinic, or Community Based Internship (CBI) program. Clinic assignment is conducted by using the interns University GPA for Placement Numbers for T6 to T7, T7 to T8, & T8 to T9.

Interns who split a term will have the option of staying at their current clinic site for the second half of the split term, or may participate in the clinic placement process and receive a new placement number with their new class. If there is not a T level class that term, they will be placed with the class below.

Interns who take a term off from clinic will receive a new Placement Number as a part of the next class, which will be the class below.

Placements are made for the entire term. You may not split between two different CBI clinics, other than Harbor Light, Pillsbury House, Human Performance Center or LaClinica. Any issues or situations that arise during the term can be addressed through the Problem Resolution Policy (See section 12.0).

Interns are required to experience at least three different clinical settings during the course of their final four terms. Interns wishing to remain in a clinic site for a third consecutive term must follow the Two-Term Limit Policy procedure and receive approval from Clinical Education (See section 6.8).

Clinical Internships 3 and 4 (T8-9) begin on the first day of the term and end the day before the first day of the following term. Clinical Internship does not necessarily follow the CoC class schedule, and you are expected to adhere to your assigned clinic’s schedule. Clinical Internship 2 (T7) begins the first day of the term and ends at the completion of finals.

Interns may not be employed at the site of their internship. Also, interns will not be assigned an internship at the site of their employment. Interns employed by the University may be assigned to a University clinic if the responsibilities of their employment are not directly related to the specific clinic to which they are assigned.

Interns may become eligible to participate in the CoC’s Preceptorship program for their 10th trimester. Eligibility will be given to interns who fulfill all CCE and CoC academic and clinical requirements, complete NICE 2, NICE 3, Checkout at the end of T7, 8 and 9, all elective credits and submit required documentation to Clinical Education.