College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

5.1 The Intern-Patient Relationship

The following are guidelines and regulations regarding the relationship between the intern and clinic patient to which the intern must adhere.

  1. All required forms and records in a case must be kept current, including a complete record of examination findings, report of findings and progress notes.
  2. Discretion and respect for the confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship must be observed at all times, both inside and outside the clinic.
  3. A due regard for patient privacy must always be observed. Specifically, no patient may be used in demonstration to other interns, and no one may be brought in to observe a treatment visit or evaluation of a patient in examination unless approval has been obtained from the patient's faculty clinician and from the patient.

    Additionally, no patient will be unnecessarily disrobed. Patients will be properly draped during examination, xray, and treatment procedures. Interns wishing to enter a room must knock and wait for a reply before entering.

  4. All patients are to be examined or treated in accordance with the faculty clinician-approved plan, and the patient's case record must be present and all findings recorded.
  5. No intern may leave the clinic at the end of a shift until his or her case records for the day are completed and available for review.
  6. Patient's records and imaging studies are not to be taken from the clinic.
  7. No intern will make a house call to treat any clinic patient without a faculty clinician’s authorization. A faculty clinician must accompany an intern making a house call.
  8. Patient contact for any reason, such as missed appointment, follow-up on care, etc., will be at the discretion of the faculty clinician, who must be on-site when this occurs.
  9. An intern may not represent himself/herself as a Doctor of Chiropractic or licensed doctor during the internship. This includes the use of unauthorized professional cards, printed checks and letterheads, as well as verbal self-representations.
  10. At the end of each shift, each intern should complete their monthly adjustment record for services rendered that day in eMedley, the NWHSU documentation software. This record is to be maintained in a current and accurate manner. The clinic staff does carry out a random monitoring of intern service reports. Deliberate misrepresentation may minimally result in a failing grade for the internship.
  11. Patient records are randomly monitored for quality assurance and must be kept current and complete.