College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

5.4 The Intern-Front Desk Staff Relationship

The general principle of the intern-front desk staff relationship must be that of mutual respect and awareness of the responsibilities and domain of each.

It is the basic duty of a front desk staff member to greet patients, answer phones, schedule appointments, file, make payment arrangements, receive payment for services, maintain a professional reception room environment, and see that the flow of patient "traffic" into treatment rooms is smooth and efficient so that patients will not be kept waiting excessively. Additional duties include record keeping, typing, and certain cleaning duties. No intern should interfere with or attempt to usurp these duties unless requested by the faculty clinician.

Interns should not occupy the lobby or detain the front desk staff with unnecessary questions or conversation, as this will interfere with the front desk staff's ability to perform their duties.

Any conflicts or problems that arise between an intern and front desk staff should be brought to the attention of the faculty clinician if not settled by the individuals involved.