College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

6.5 Earning Clinic Hours - Policy and Procedure

Clinic hours are earned by the following:

Regularly scheduled clinic shifts

Clinic holidays (see section 6.4.3)

Attending an approved Rotation

Attending Homecoming Seminars

Participation in Appreciation/Service Day

Volunteer as an unpaid patient for the NICE exam

Scheduled shifts at secondary sites (i.e. Pillsbury House, Harbor Light, HPC, etc.)

Volunteering through Clinical Education with the Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk

Unpaid teaching assistant for approved course (list available in Clinical Education)

Participation at Legislative Day

Travel and participation with NCLC/SACA Leadership conference

There are specific duties attached to each event which qualify for clinic hours. Students interested in earning clinic hours (other than regularly scheduled clinic hours and clinic holidays) should contact Clinical Education for the specific details involved in each event. Some of these events have paid positions. Clinic hours are not available for students receiving any type of compensation.

6.5.1 Clinic Hours During Faculty Clinician Absence

There may be occasions when faculty clinicians are not present in their clinic. This could range from hours to weeks. Interns, however, must continue to fulfill required weekly hours. This may be accomplished by following the options listed below:

  1. Make up hours during that same week if the doctor is in the office an adequate amount of hours.
  2. Interning with another credentialed faculty clinician in the office. In the college clinics, interns may intern with another faculty clinician as determined by their assigned faculty, as all college clinicians have been credentialed by Clinical Education. CBI interns may intern with associate doctors in the office if they are credentialed, or “relief doctors” if they are credentialed (see Relief Doctors / Associates, Section 6.5.2).
  3. Participate in opportunities to earn additional clinic hours that week (see Section 6.5).
  4. Earn clinic hours at Harbor Light, Pillsbury House and Human Performance Center special events. You must be signed up in order to receive clinic hours for these options.
  5. Contact Jill Michaelis ( for any additional rotation experiences.
  6. Attend Independent Study rotations earning 2 to 10 clinic hours each and complete the Independent Study Assignment.
  7. Use TAC to cover assigned clinic hours.

When a faculty clinician closes the clinic, the faculty clinician must email verification of the clinic closure.

6.5.2 Relief Doctors / Associates

Faculty clinicians may submit a request to Clinical Education to have the relief doctor or associate credentialed for the time they are away from their clinic. This should occur at least two weeks before the faculty clinician leaves the office. If the relief doctor or associate meets the credentialing requirements, the intern may continue interning in the clinic under the direction of the relief doctor or associate. In CBI offices where there is more than one credentialed doctor, the intern only needs to notify Clinical Education as to which doctor they will be interning with and for what period of time.