College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

6.8 Two-Term Limit Policy

The Clinical Internship (T7 -10) program is designed to give every intern at least three different clinical experiences.

To be considered for a third term at the same clinic, an extern must spend the majority of clinic hours at a subsequent clinic site.


    • The clinic hours for T10 are 25 – 40 per week, and a minimum of 300 for the term.
    • Externs must spend the majority of clinic hours at the subsequent preceptorship site: a minimum of 51% of their clinic hours. The 51% requirement includes the weekly number of combined clinic hours from both sites and the cumulative clinic hours for the entire term.
    • Externs are allowed to be at both Preceptorship sites for only the contracted hours.

If an intern would like to seek a third term at the same clinic, they may submit a request using the following procedure:

1)      The intern must submit a written request to the Dept. of Clinical Education, for an exception to the two-term limit policy. In this letter, s/he must identify the following:

    • The educational and career factors that make this placement beneficial
    • Provide the name of the faculty clinician for the additional site
    • Indicate your clinic shift schedule for each site

2)      Each faculty clinician must submit a letter in support of these placements.

3)      If the request for an exception to the Two-Term Limit Policy is approved, the extern must:

    • Ensure that each preceptor is credentialed and approved by Clinical Education
    • Submit a completed Preceptor/Extern Learning Agreement and Contract for each clinician with specific clinic hours scheduled at both Preceptorship sites.
    • If a T10 Only clinic, the intern must have met all graduation requirements.