College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

9.2 Ordering the Radiological Examination

The following are guidelines for ordering a radiological examination:

  1. Only a licensed physician, i.e. a faculty clinician, may order a radiological examination. This will be done in consultation with the attending intern.
  2. Minors must have a signed consent form from a parent or guardian prior to any radiological examination. Patients may, on occasion, refuse the study. A second explanation of the need for the study may convince the patient, but attempts at coercion or forceful persuasion on the part of the intern are inappropriate and unprofessional in these instances.
  3. If a patient refuses a radiological examination, the faculty clinician will make a decision whether treatment will continue. Failure to x-ray before treatment could result in a malpractice claim if, for instance, a fracture was not diagnosed and injury resulted. If treatment does continue, it should be clearly noted in the file that the patient refused x-rays and the potential consequences were explained. Have the patient initial the notation.
  4. It is a state law that the clinical indication for ordering the study be clearly stated in the patient’s file and a licensed doctor must authorize any radiographic study.
  5. All patients should be properly attired prior to the radiological examination, and proper shielding should be utilized.
  6. At all times, treat the patient with courtesy and respect. Be mindful of patient modesty when accompanying them to and from the x-ray suite.