College of Chiropractic Intern’s Clinic Handbook

9.3 Intern Credit for Radiological Examinations

Under MN state law, only licensed chiropractors and Certified employees can take x-rays. Interns, in our educational program, may take x-rays under the direct supervision of either party listed above, and can receive tech credit when participating in this procedure.

The T7 – T10 interns will receive credit only for complete radiological examinations and reports that are submitted in eMedley.

Assessment will be made by the faculty clinician based on the following:

  1. The complete history and factors used in the study must be recorded on the X-ray Studies form, which has been reviewed and signed by the faculty prior to the study. The faculty will evaluate this step.
  2. The film must be diagnostic. Non-diagnostic films must be repeated before the faculty will issue credit for the examination.
  3. The intern, after completing the X-ray Studies form, meets with their faculty clinician to review the x-rays and report. The faculty clinician will approve the report on eMedley, when they are assured of its accuracy and completeness.
  4. Radiology Tech Guidelines  

The X-ray Studies form must be approved in eMedley by the intern’s faculty clinician for the intern to receive tech and/or report credit.

Please Note: Tech credit will be issued according to the following definitions.


LCN and APLC with or without APOM = 1 tech

LCE, LCF; and RAO, LAO or RPO, LPO = 1 tech for either/both

Davis series = 2 techs

Swimmer's view = 1 tech


APT and LT = 1 tech

Ribs = 1 tech

PA and lateral chest = 1 tech

Lordotic chest = 1 tech


APLP and LLS = 1 tech

LLE, LLF; RAO, LAO or RPO, LPO; and R & L lateral bending views = 1 tech for each

Frontal angulated LS spot or lateral LS spot = 1 tech


Sacrum: AP and lateral = 1 tech

Coccyx: AP and lateral = 1 tech

Spinal survey

APFS (with closed mouth positioning) and 3 sectional lateral views with or without APOM = 2 techs. A separate APOM view completes the full spine study. AP & LAT FS = 1 tech. Only if taken as an intern fulfilling his or her clinic assignment at a credentialed CBI clinic at which the AP & LAT FS films are the designated policy and procedure. The faculty clinician is responsible for clinical decision-making and quality assurance.

Abdomen AP abdomen = 1 tech

Upper extremity

Internal/external rotation and baby arm shoulder = 1 tech

R & L AP weighted and non-weighted AC joint = 1 tech

AP and lateral elbow with or without oblique and Jones (tangential) = 1 tech

PA and lateral wrist with or without oblique and PA with ulnar deviation = 1 tech

PA and oblique hand = 1 tech

PA and lateral fingers or thumb with or without oblique = 1 tech

Lower extremity

AP pelvis with or without one hip film = 1 tech

AP and frog leg hip = 1 tech

AP and lateral knee with or without tunnel and sunrise (tangential) views = 1 tech

AP and lateral ankle with or without oblique = 1 tech

Inversion/eversion (stress views) ankle = 1 tech

AP and oblique (and optional lateral) foot or toes = 1 tech

Report credit shall be issued in the same manner as x-ray techs (i.e. if a report is completed on a Davis series, it is worth 2 report credits).