Massage Therapy Programs Clinic Handbook

IX. Clinical Course Assessments

All clinic interns will be assessed in the following ways:

  1. Skills Assessment: Five areas will be observed and graded by instructors: Body Mechanics & Technique; Communication; Documentation; Physical Environment; and Professionalism. Feedback is provided on a weekly basis with final scoring performed on the 2nd-to-the-last or final week of the rotation.
  2. Journaling: Students will do journaling assignments based on answering questions selected by the student from a preset list OR an in-depth goal setting project to address specific individualized needs. Additionally, students will self-assess to learn how to utilize optimal self-care and get needs met by the team.
  3. Documentation: In UHS, all MT sessions must be documented electronically. Documenting in most other clinic environments are done on paper. Documentation for all massage sessions will be signed by the supervisor. One randomly selected chart per shift will be formally graded according to the documentation evaluation form. You may not leave the clinic until you complete an acceptable documentation note for all sessions.
  4. Self-assessments (Rotations 1 and 2 only): Weekly self-assessments provide you a chance to reflect upon how prepared and present you were for clinic that day, and what factors positively or negatively impacted the day.

Client Feedback

During the closing interview, you will give clients a copy of the client evaluation form and ask them to fill out the form and return it to the front desk. Before you give the evaluation form to the client, write on the top of the form your name and the number of the client; for example, if this was your first client of the day, write your name and ‘#1’ so you know which client the feedback is from.

Generally, feedback from clients is positive. In the event that a client writes on their form that they were unsatisfied with your overall performance, your supervisor will examine all documents relating to the session and, if necessary, discuss the session with the client to determine what problems occurred. The supervisor will then have a conference with you to discuss the session and what steps need to be taken on your part to remediate your interaction with clients. This conference will be documented and kept on file.

If you continue to receive client feedback that shows similarly unsatisfactory work, you may lose privileges to work with clients in the clinic. To re-enter clinic, you will be required to follow a monitored remediation plan. If you fail to meet the requirements of this plan, you will fail the course.