Massage Therapy Programs Clinic Handbook

VI. Guidelines for Cleanliness in the Clinic

  1. All clinic personnel share responsibility for the appearance and cleanliness of the clinic. As a clinic intern, you will be held responsible for maintaining any clinic area that you have used. Dirty linens should be placed in designated receptacles and face cradles and tables and doorknobs should be cleaned with disinfectant between clients and at the end of a shift. Also at the end of the shift, the interns are responsible for taking full linen bags to the dirty linen closet. A treatment room should be left neat and clean for the next practitioner who will be using it. The CD player and the heating pad must be turned off and unplugged.

    Also, you must restock the main linen supply in the cabinets in the hallway before you can leave. These supplies are located in the massage therapy linen closet. To access the Massage Therapy Linen Closet, ask the front desk for the key. Inform your supervisor if any supply is running low or is not available.

  2. All treating interns and MTs shall wash their hands and oil bottle or lubricant container between clients.
  3. Any linen that may have come in contact with a contagious parasite or other contagious organism, e.g. head or body lice, tinnea, conjunctivitis, or impetigo, or herpes (cold sores), must be handled safely. Biohazard bags are provided by our linen service and are located in the linen closet. To remove contaminated linens, you must wear vinyl protective gloves and clean the table and face cradle with the extra strength germicidal/viracidal cleaner located in the linen closet.
  4. If you encounter a sheet or blanket in the clean linen supply which is unacceptable to use for a massage therapy session, give it to the front desk staff.
  5. Supervising faculty are responsible for assessing adherence to these guidelines and regulations. Sanctions, including suspension of clinic privileges and a subsequent failing grade for the practicum class, may be imposed for failure to adhere to these guidelines and regulations.