Massage Therapy Programs Clinic Handbook

VIII. Internship Attendance Policies

A. Mandatory Arrival Time to Clinic

You are required to arrive at the clinic 15 minutes prior to your first client appointment. For example, if your first client appointment begins at 9:00 a.m., your mandatory arrival time would be 8:45 a.m. This time will allow you to properly prepare the treatment room for your individual use, including setting the table to the proper height; reading your client’s chart; and starting your first client’s session on time. If you need more than 15 minutes to prepare for your shift, please arrive earlier so you can start your appointments on time. (for more detail, see #3 under section X, “GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCT IN THE CLINIC”).

B. Late Policy

Arriving late to clinic, disappearing mid-shift, or departing early from clinic is considered unprofessional conduct. The only acceptable excuse for a late arrival is an emergency. Other personal reasons such as work obligations are not acceptable. It is assumed that you will plan your arrival with traffic patterns in mind. If you have an emergency, call the clinic front desk so they can reach your clients; then contact your supervisor. Your clinic shift will not be complete until all clinic duties are approved by your supervisor, including the documentation of your sessions.

DeRusha/UHS Clinic Front Desk (952) 885-5415

* It is your responsibility to record your supervisor’s contact information and/or the contact information of other clinical environments. * * *

  • On the first instance of an unexcused late arrival to clinic, you will receive a written warning documenting the incident. You will sign this warning acknowledging you have seen it and it will be kept on file. The second unexcused late arrival to (or early departure from) a clinic shift may be grounds for meeting with the Clinic Supervisory Committee, which may consist of your clinic supervisor, the lead clinic supervisor, the clinic coordinator, and/or the MT program director.
  • If your late arrival to, or early departure from, clinic results in missed massage sessions, you will need to make up those sessions. For example, if you leave early and miss your last two appointments, you will need to make up those two sessions at some point. Contact Kari Braun,, to schedule your make ups. Also, you will need to call all affected clients and apologize before the start of your next clinic shift. Calls must be made from the clinic, not from home or anywhere else).

C. Early Departure From Clinic

  • If an intern leaves in the middle of a shift with permission from the shift supervisor, the intern may be required to do a double make up, depending on the supervisor’s discretion.
  • If an intern leaves in the middle of a shift without permission of the shift supervisor, the intern will be pulled from clinic for the remainder of the rotation and will have to repeat, and re-pay for, the entire rotation.

D. Absence Policy

  • All missed clinic shifts must be made up. This includes scheduled make-ups.
  • If you are going to be absent for any reason (including switching shifts), you must inform the following individuals, in this order: The clinic front desk; your clinic supervisor; and Kari Braun,
  • In case of illness: If you are contagious—coughing, sneezing, fever--do not come to clinic! If you are not contagious, it is incumbent upon you to determine if you are well enough to attend clinic. In any case, if you choose not to attend, please contact your classmates and make every effort to find a replacement intern. Intern phone numbers can be found on the “Clinic Experience for Massage Students” Moodle page.
  • If you miss one (1) clinic shift and do not find a replacement intern, you need to do a double make-up and make up two (2) clinic shifts; and you must call all affected clients and apologize before the start of your next clinic shift (calls must be made from the clinic, not from home or anywhere else).
  • Note that the client encounters from the double part of the make-up do not count toward your client encounter requirement for that rotation.
  • This clinic shift(s) must be made up to complete the current rotation before you may move on to the subsequent clinic rotation.
  • The Clinic Supervisory Committee may review students who miss more than 2 clinic shifts for any reason. The process for this is as follows:
    • Upon referral by the student’s supervisor, the supervisory committee will convene to adjudicate the matter.
    • The student will have up to 5 minutes to present his or her case to the committee, including reasons for the absences and any proposed remedy.
    • The student will then be excused and the supervisory committee will make a determination of sanctions based on the circumstances of the individual case. Examples of sanctions may include a written warning, additional make up shifts, written assignments, or a failing grade in the course.

E. No Call/No Show Policy

Interns who miss a clinic shift without informing anyone will face the following consequences:

  • The first instance will result in a double make-up and you must call all affected clients and apologize before the start of your next clinic shift (calls must be made from the clinic, not from home or anywhere else).
  • The second instance will result in the intern failing the rotation. S/he will be pulled from the rotation and will have to re-take and re-pay for that rotation.

F. Shift Substitution Policy

  • We highly discourage planning activities that conflict with your clinic shift. In the event that you find you need a substitute for your shift, you may trade a shift ONCE during the term under these conditions:
  • You and the student you are trading with must fill out and sign a shift trade form, found in your clinic binder. If one is not in your binder, ask your supervisor or Kari Braun for another one. Fill in the dates of the shifts to be traded. Both students must agree on these dates and sign the form and the supervisors of both shifts must approve the trade and sign the form. This form must be completed and both supervisors must have a copy two weeks before the first traded shift.
  • If there is absolutely no one who can switch shifts, you will be making up 2 shifts because you did not find a replacement.

**NOTE: A supervisor may deny approval for a shift trade if it will interfere with student progress or assessment.

G. Incompletes

Failure to complete the required work for the clinic rotation by the completion of the clinic rotation is grounds for FAILURE of the clinic rotation. You will then need to repeat, and re-pay for, the clinic rotation.

If you wish to apply for an Incomplete due to extenuating circumstances, it is incumbent upon you to apply for an incomplete grade by completing the requisite form and presenting it to your supervisor for consideration. (See Student Handbook for incomplete policy).

If you are granted a grade of "Incomplete", the incomplete grade must be satisfied and a passing grade must be awarded before the following clinic rotation can begin. A grade of “Incomplete” must be satisfied within 4 weeks of the beginning of the next available clinic rotation.

Working toward satisfying a grade of “incomplete” will not extend the time permitted for the subsequent clinic rotation. It must be completed within the prescribed time frame.

H. 5-shift Attendance Policy

  • You must be present at your scheduled clinic shift for at least FIVE (5) shifts, to ensure consistency of supervision. Keep this in mind as you are building your schedule for the term. For example, if you sign up for a Saturday clinic shift, do not then register for too many electives, which may happen on a Saturday and take you away from clinic for more than 1 or 2 shifts.