Massage Therapy Programs Clinic Handbook

F. Shift Substitution Policy

  • We highly discourage planning activities that conflict with your clinic shift. In the event that you find you need a substitute for your shift, you may trade a shift ONCE during the term under these conditions:
  • You and the student you are trading with must fill out and sign a shift trade form, found in your clinic binder. If one is not in your binder, ask your supervisor or Kari Braun for another one. Fill in the dates of the shifts to be traded. Both students must agree on these dates and sign the form and the supervisors of both shifts must approve the trade and sign the form. This form must be completed and both supervisors must have a copy two weeks before the first traded shift.
  • If there is absolutely no one who can switch shifts, you will be making up 2 shifts because you did not find a replacement.

**NOTE: A supervisor may deny approval for a shift trade if it will interfere with student progress or assessment.