Massage Therapy Programs Clinic Handbook

G. Incompletes

Failure to complete the required work for the clinic rotation by the completion of the clinic rotation is grounds for FAILURE of the clinic rotation. You will then need to repeat, and re-pay for, the clinic rotation.

If you wish to apply for an Incomplete due to extenuating circumstances, it is incumbent upon you to apply for an incomplete grade by completing the requisite form and presenting it to your supervisor for consideration. (See Student Handbook for incomplete policy).

If you are granted a grade of "Incomplete", the incomplete grade must be satisfied and a passing grade must be awarded before the following clinic rotation can begin. A grade of “Incomplete” must be satisfied within 4 weeks of the beginning of the next available clinic rotation.

Working toward satisfying a grade of “incomplete” will not extend the time permitted for the subsequent clinic rotation. It must be completed within the prescribed time frame.