2020 Summer Trimester

Academic Evaluation and Grade Policy


To describe the grading scale/system used at the University.


The scope of this policy applies to all students in all programs.


Instructors assign letter grades based on student performance. The grade in a course represents the extent to which the learning objectives have been demonstrated by the student.

Students who complete all the work assigned in a course are graded as follows: A, B, C, or D (excellent, above average, average or minimal achievement, respectively). Students who fail to achieve minimal competency are graded with F for failure. An incomplete (I) indicates that the full work of the course has not been completed because of illness or some cause beyond the student’s control. Students in some classes may be assigned either an “S” for Satisfactory or a “U” for Unsatisfactory. The grades of “S/U” are not included in determining grade point average (GPA). The final grade of “U” (unsatisfactory) is considered to be a grade of failure in the course. The criteria for assignment of grades are contained in each course syllabus. Some programs allow for + / - grading, which will be noted in each course syllabus.

Revised Date: October 2017 / Effective Date: December 2017


Final grades in each subject are issued at the close of the term. Grades are submitted to the Registrar on class grade reports and are final.

Northwestern Health Sciences University uses a grade point system to evaluate the overall quality of coursework. The letter grades are given for individual courses, and grade points are used to compute GPAs for each student at the end of each trimester, on both a trimester and a cumulative basis.

The number of grade points earned in a given course is the number of credits for that course multiplied by the grade points corresponding to the grade recorded in that course, as shown below.

Grading Scale

Points Grade Points
A 4.0
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.0
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.0
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.0
F 0.0
AU 0.0
I 0.0
S 0.0
T 0.0
U 0.0
UF 0.0
W 0.0
WF 0.0
IP 0.0

AU - A student who registers as an auditor should request audit status at registration. An auditing student will enroll in, pay tuition and fee for, and attend classes but not complete assignments or take examination. The symbol “AU” will automatically appear in the grade column of the student’s transcript. The fee for such a course is the same as for credit. Audited courses may not be used for credit, will not transfer to other colleges and do not meet the requirements for a degree. Financial aid is not available for audited courses.

Prerequisite requirements for audited courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the course. Audits are allowed on a space available basis with priority given to full credit registrants or students currently enrolled. Each academic program may have additional requirements that an individual must meet prior to registering as an auditor. Prior to auditing, it is necessary to have approval from appropriate course instructor and the program director.

F - The grade of F indicates an overall deficiency sufficient to preclude the student's using the required material effectively in the clinic or subsequent courses. No academic or attendance credit is received. The course must be repeated the next time the course is offered and the student may not take courses for which the failed course is a prerequisite until the “F” is removed. A grade of “F” may not be changed unless an error in calculation occurred. For example, the student may not do extra credit, re-take exams, or write a paper to change a grade of “F”.

I - The grade of “I” (incomplete) indicates that the work in the course was not completed. A grade of “I” is not given for poor or neglected work or unauthorized postponement of examinations. The student must fill out and sign an application for an incomplete grade prior to the final examination. The student must have the instructor(s) complete and process the application. Applications are available from the Registrar’s Office. The incomplete grade must be removed within four weeks of the next term unless a waiver is requested and granted by the instructor and approved by the appropriate Dean. The Academic Standards Committee may also grant such a waiver when there are extenuating circumstances. The University reserves the right to require the student to provide proof of extenuating circumstances.

An incomplete grade not removed by the end of the fourth week of the subsequent term in residence becomes a grade of “F”. If the course is a prerequisite, registration in subsequent courses of the sequence is contingent upon removal of this grade of incomplete. If an incomplete grade reverts to a grade of “F”, the student will be removed from those registered courses for which the course is a prerequisite. An incomplete, which reverts to an “F”, may result in immediate dismissal from the college in accordance with academic dismissal standards.

IP – A grade of “IP” indicates a course that is currently in progress.

T – A grade of “T” represents a course that has been accepted for transfer.

U - The final grade of “U” is considered to be a grade of failure in the course. The course must be repeated in the next term of enrollment and the student may not take courses for which it is a prerequisite until the “U” is removed.

UF - A grade of “UF” is awarded to students who did not officially withdrawal from the course, but who failed to participate in course activities through the end of the period.

W – A grade of “W” is awarded to students who officially withdraw from a full trimester course up to, but not beyond the equivalent of 60% of the course contact time or from a course of duration other than a full trimester beginning the second day the course meets and any time prior to the end of the midpoint of the course

WF - A grade of “WF” is awarded to students who officially withdrawal from the course after the 9th week of the trimester for full term course and after the mid-point a course of duration other than the full trimester.

Grades will be posted within 14 calendar days of the last scheduled class session.