2020 Summer Trimester


This course will address the necessary clinical skills required for competent radiation therapists.  It will help prepare the student for interaction with sick and terminally ill patients.  Foundational concepts regarding assessment and evaluation of service delivery will be provided.  Patient care aspects of the class/lab will address proper lifting techniques, patient transportation, and aseptic and sterile procedures involving catheters, syringes, needles and other radiation therapy and hospital/clinic equipment.  Nutrition, pain and infection control concerns will be taught. Alternative treatments will be discussed.  The psychological/ social and emotional challenges that cancer patients face will be discussed.  The course will introduce technical skills and allow for the practice of them prior to the student’s clinical training.  There will be emphasis on how these aptitudes contribute to the patients’ successful treatment experience.  Operational issues, introduction to billing, and the reimbursement issues pertinent to our department. Along with regulations impacting the radiation therapist’s role in the accreditation process will be emphasized.