2020 Summer Trimester

The Clinics & Services

Experience in a Pioneering Clinic System

The Northwestern Health Sciences University Clinic System is comprised of:

  • Academic & Community Health Clinics
    • The Northwestern Health Sciences University De Rusha Clinic provides chiropractic, acupuncture and massage services to students, employees and families on the University campus. 
    • The Human Performance Center provides a comprehensive integrative sports care and performance program located on the University campus.
    • The Integrative Clinic of Minnesota provides multidisciplinary, free care to the residents of the Phillips Community in Minneapolis in partnership with the U of M and Adler School
    • The Salvation Army Harbor Light Clinic provides multidisciplinary, free care to low income and the homeless in downtown Minneapolis
  • Public Serving Clinics
    • The Northwestern Health Sciences University Bloomington Clinic provides chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, lab, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine and massage services to the general public and is located on the University campus.
    • Northwestern Health Sciences University provides chiropractic services on behalf of Minnesota Community Care at their La Clinica and East Side Family Clinic locations in St. Paul.
  • Multi Specialty Clinics & Services
    • The Sweere Center is a clinical specialty center originally funded by the estate of Harry C. Sweere, founder of the Ergotron, Inc.
      • The Biomechanics Lab: utilizes a sophisticated 3-D gait and squat analysis and motion capture system, including forces affecting the joints of the body to assess human gait, regional and full body motion.
      • The Sweere Clinic: A planned on-campus multi-disciplinary holistic healing center serves as a referral destination for complex neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.
      • WorkSiteRight: is the ergonomics division of the Sweere Center and provides the business community with a variety of prevention and wellness services.

Northwestern’s Clinics are unique, integrative natural health care clinics providing chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, massage therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, and naturopathic medicine. In addition, the clinics make available to patients a variety of natural health care products. It is an important part of the University’s mission to explore integrative care delivery models, in which a spectrum of natural health care providers work collaboratively with other health care providers to provide the best possible comprehensive care. The Northwestern Clinics are innovative in recognizing that natural health care professions are a part of the broader health care system.

Northwestern’s teaching clinics provide exceptional clinical internships and students benefit from the low student-supervisor ratio in the clinical setting. Students have the opportunity to provide care to fellow Northwestern Health Sciences University students and employees of the University, as well as the community at large. Northwestern is unique in offering clinical experiences early in the academic program and in providing a learning atmosphere where students are able to demonstrate and utilize clinical skills throughout their education.

Northwestern’s public clinic system is the largest provider of natural health care services in Minnesota.

In addition to the University clinic system, students also serve in community-based internships and preceptorships, under the guidance of clinical faculty. University students provide free care in varied community settings to a diverse patient population. Some of the different sites include:

  • Aliveness, an HIV/AIDS service agency
  • Cerenity, a senior care facility
  • Courage Kenny, a rehabilitation facility for the disabled
  • La Clinica and East Side Family Clinic, community clinics in under-served areas of St. Paul
  • MN Oncology
  • Pathways, a clinic servicing the chronically ill
  • Various community events

Northwestern also strengthens its community involvement through partnerships with other organizations committed to natural health care. These inpatient and outpatient hospital settings create more clinical opportunities for our students.

  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital
  • Regions Hospital
  • St. Francis Hospital
  • University of Minnesota Hospital System

Overall, the University clinic system functions under the highest standards, advocating “best practices” in health care which incorporates patient preferences, clinical judgment and research evidence within an ongoing clinical integrity program.