University Student Handbook

University Counseling Service

The University offers limited counseling services for students who experience academic, personal, or relationship concerns. Short-term counseling and educational programs are provided free of charge. On occasion, referrals may need to be made to outside services. The University does not cover the cost of outside services.

Counseling services, available to students, include: help with study skills, short term individual counseling, joint counseling with a partner, or support groups with other students confronting similar life issues. Counseling services are provided with the strictest confidentiality. Unless requested by the student, no information is given to anyone outside of the counseling service about who was seen or what was discussed. Additional information on student rights, confidentiality, clinical record policy, and emergency attention can be obtained in the Student Affairs office.

Educational workshops are offered periodically to students who are interested in improving their performance in areas such as study skills, test anxiety and life stresses. Suggestions for special interest workshops are welcomed. Appointments for counseling with the University Counselor are scheduled through the Student Affairs office.