University Student Handbook

Financial Support

Donations to Student Organizations

Student Organizations may receive donations. When receiving a donation, student organizations should issue a receipt for the donation to the donor and send a copy of the donation receipt to the Dean of Students and Alumni Services. This receipt will provide appropriate certification for the portion of the donation which is exempt from taxes.

Fees Assessed for Seminars - Students

Student Organizations may assess reasonable fees to students for seminars.

Fees Assessed for Seminars – Outside guests

Northwestern seeks to encourage members of its community to participate in additional educational opportunities. Consequently, student organizations may not assess fees for seminars to guests outside of the campus community. Students may invite external constituents at no charge. Where certification for continuing education hours is a part of an event, the seminar must be sponsored by the University Department of Continuing Education.


Student Organizations may hold fundraisers for the purpose of organization-specific benefit. The Dean of Students and Alumni Services must first approve the event. University accounting procedures must be followed.

The University has the right to impose disciplinary sanctions if any organization deviates from these financial policies.