2021-2022 University Catalog

College of Chiropractic


Welcome to the College of Chiropractic!  

The College of Chiropractic (CoC) provides graduates with the doctorate degree of chiropractic (DC). The curriculum begins with a strong foundation of the sciences, progresses to evidence-based application of these sciences, and finishes with supervised clinical experience to hone the skill of the future Doctors of Chiropractic.  

The CoC provides the unique opportunity to add an emphasis to your chiropractic academic experience provided at Northwestern Health Sciences University such as the sports emphasis track. These tracks result in the same esteemed Doctorate of Chiropractic degree with additional experience in a specialized areas of chiropractic practice. We also celebrate human diversity in all its forms and encourage our students to be actively engaged in their communities throughout their education.   

Our program clinical internship is a diverse experience with many different clinical sites, all with a unique experience, including our clinical based internship (CBI) sites. These internships provide a clinical learning experience with real-world application of your education. Throughout this clinical education we also strive to prepare you for a role as an integrative healthcare team-member.  

Your educational experience in the CoC will support your drive to care and serve others, apply evidence-based health care, and be successful in any practice setting.   

We look forward to working with you to create the future leaders of our profession! 



Katie BurnsRyan, D.C.
Dean, College of Chiropractic